Empowerment Institute, Inc. (EII), a not for profit vocational and human services agency established in 1996. A community-based organization with strong grassroots ties to various ethnic communities, therefore, possesses a capacity to outreach and serves persons from diverse backgrounds. EII has a special capacity to provide multi-lingual and multi-cultural services to the Southeast Asian, Asian and Pacific Islanders population. We are active in resources development, technical assistance, capacity building and leadership development within our target communities. Those target communities include the Southeast Asian, Asian/Pacific Islanders, ethnic minorities and newly established refugee communities.

EII has demonstrated track records assisting the various refugee, Asian and Pacific Islander communities to develop the capacity to solve critical and pressing community issues that will empower and unite each community. To this end, less reliance on governmental assistance is achieved, thus, increasing overall self-sufficiency for the families and individuals we serve.


We envisioned individuals with disabilities to live and work in their local community as independently as possible, make informed choices, and freely access to comprehensive social, medical and vocational services. EII is an international organization with language and cultural competency educational components to serve diverse clienteles range from individuals to fortune 500 companies.


To empower independence, change mindsets, and instill hope for disadvantaged individuals.


To provide culturally and linguistically appropriate vocational, social, and medical services; Effective Resource Management is our operating philosophy; A balanced budget will be maintained:

  • Staff is a valuable resource and their needs must be addressed.

  • The agency must be technologically competent to thrive.

  • Aggressive fund development is essential for our mission to succeed.

  • Uncompromising commitment to Standard of Excellence in our services.


Services, education, and training is not limited to a specific facility or location, rather we provide community referenced in an individual and organization's local community neighborhood and customer-center based.


We value empowerment and the right to make informed choice. We embrace diversity, inclusion, and respect. We value Quality of Services in whatever services or programs we provide. We value creativity in problem solving and thinking outside of the box. We value our shared vision for the future, our collective mission statement, and adherence to our philosophy to guide us in making the best decisions possible in building a better tomorrow for people with disabilities. We value collaboration with others and recognized that our vision cannot be achieved alone.