- The Analysis of Drinking water, Wastewater, Toxic and Hazardous waste for: Inorganics, Organics, Microbiology & Priority Pollutants
- Soil sample preparation fee, such as drying, grinding, sieving, extraction or digestion for analysis is not included
- If there is an analysis you required and not listed in this schedule, please call us for quotation.
- Turnaround time is 10 working days and expedited service is available for 1, 2, 5 days upon request
- If there is any analysis that this lab is not certified, it will be subcontracted to another certified lab.
- We provide total field sampling, data acquisition, and sample pick up services.
- Minimum order per this price schedule is $250. Discount is available for over $250. Order.
- Invoices will be submitted after our services are accepted by Federal, State, or any other Regulatory Agencies reviewing the report

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